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Happy Endings

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Sasha has settled really well with her new family, now very much part of the family. They bought all the cat beds in the world but Sasha prefers to sleep on sofa and next to her owner in bed! She is very spoilt loves her toy box and cat tree. She gets on really will with the other cats in her home. They wouldnt be without her.Thank you for this lovely update.


Zelda is an absolute joy! She loves playing with her feather, batting ping pong balls back and forward and climbing into any box or bag that she can find. She is funny, sweet and affectionate, happy to curl up on your lap for hours after a hard day of being a cat. She's currently scared of the outdoors, so whether she goes out or not will be her choice. There's a nice secure garden with plenty of fat pigeons to watch when she's ready


Beautiful Bianca still very much rules the roost but we wouldn't have it any other way! We could never thank you enough for bringing her into our lives now called Pearl. Purrs to Pearls forever family for the gorgeous update photo....

Effie and Evelyn

They are perfectly settled in like part of the family, Evelyn is more timid and wary will watch from a distance but loves cuddling up to her owner on a night time. Effie either cuddles on the daughter's bed or sleeps with the dog. Really enjoys sitting with the dog, follows it around. They both enjoy being outdoors and bring little presents! Very much part of the family. Now a year old, they get on with cats in neighbourhood and often sit with them outside on the doorstep. Thank you for sharing this lovely update...

Zoe / Barney

Their forever family said.It's a curious but very warm relationship they have. Zoƫ treats the garden as a mere extension of the house to go and fro multiple times, whereas Barney basically only goes out to go to the toilet! It would have been unthinkable to separate the two. They are a real pair - completely different personalities but rely on each other remarkably.

Florence / Freddie

Florence and Freddie were adopted from the branch last summer. Lovely, cuddly cats who greet visitors and follow their humans around. Very affectionate, playful, chilled out. Florence and Freddie love water but they will also sit and play in an empty sink! Thank you to their forever family for adopting this purrfectly cute pair.


Milan (now Annie) living her best life with her best friend Stella as you can see. Thank you to her forever family for this lovely update photo.

Milan (Now Annie)

Now called Annie and rules the roost at the house. She likes to be with them all the time. They found her to be so loving has full run of the house. Follows the dog around like sheep. Never had a cat like her before she so loving and full of character. She is and absolute delight.


This lovely cat is so happy to have routine and lots of company, Bella is described as the most perfect cat. She loves to be near you, headbutts for attention and enjoys watching football! Likes to groom her human. Gets very excited at play times whether it's toy mice or string. Bella has bonded with her adopter's family. Still learning more about each other but they are a good match.


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