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Spaying and Neutering

Cats can become pregnant from four months old while they are just kittens themselves.
Until you have your female cat spayed she will be pestered by male cats who want to mate with her.

You may have heard to female cats should be allowed to have a litter before being spayed, but this simply isn’t true. Not only does spaying protect against unwanted pregnancy, it also protects your cat from deadly diseases. Remember Lucy’s Law makes it illegal to sell kittens unless you are a registered breeder.

If your cat has not been neutered they will need to stay inside until they have been snipped. Two cats who are brother and sister or father and daughter will mate together, when the urge to mate is so strong she will not be fussy who she mates with.
There is a very high risk of pregnancy if you have male and female cats together who have not been neutered.


If you live in DN14 and are in receipt of means tested benefits, Goole RSPCA can offer a voucher that costs only £15 to help you spay or neuter your cat, a microchip is included. Please contact us on 07599 087527. Terms and conditions apply. Participating vets only.

All cats that are rehomed by Goole RSPCA and are over six months old will have been spayed or neutered before being adopted.


YOU can make a difference to the life of a cat in DN14. Choose one (or more) of the following ways to help us help cats and kittens that desperately need it.